Ho, etcetera.

I know what you want for Christmas this year. You want to see a video of me playing a Daddy Mojo Chihuahua four-string cigar box guitar into a 1970s Fender Princeton amplifier. And how could I deny you?

Since it’s Christmas Eve, I think this should be the present you get to open before all the others. So here you go. You don’t have to thank me. I know your life has been immeasurably enriched. Just knowing I’ve had an impact is all the thanks I need.

If you want to shed a tear or two, take a look at some of the amps behind me. There’s a 1960 Fender Tremolux, a 1958 Fender Deluxe, a 1966 Vibrolux, and a 1952 Super Reverb, just to name a few Fenders.

And then stop crying at least long enough to celebrate the kissing of some random person while standing beneath random mistletoe. Because that’s what Christmas is all about. Merry Mass of Christ, from one hair guy to you, whoever you happen to be.

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