Day: December 26, 2009

Keep it clean, Steve McQueen.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and having lots of Christmas sex.

It rained here on Christmas Day. All day long. Not snow. Not sleet. Not hail. Just good old-fashioned cloud piss. Normally we don’t get any snow for most of December, or if we do it’s very hesitant and gone almost as soon as it hits the ground. There have been times I’ve stood at a window on Christmas morning wondering if it’ll snow at all, because it wouldn’t quite feel like Christmas without at least a thin white blanket covering everything. And somehow the snow always shows up.

This year, surprisingly enough, we got some serious snow a good week before Christmas.

Then I wake up Christmas Day to the sound of a pretty heavy rain, which proceeds to slowly melt all the snow away. That’s the first grey and rainy christmas I can ever remember having. Too strange.

The Scene section of the Windsor Star had a readers’ poll 2009-in-review thing over here. I was curious what would happen with the “best local music release” category. Yellow Wood takes the gold (no surprise there, given all the attention their album has been getting), and I take the silver (genuine surprise there, given how I’m kind of the anti-hype — not to be confused with the antichrist), though I’m not sure which of the albums I put out this year the runner-up position is for.

For some reason I find this funny, both of us ending up on the same list, with me trailing behind those guys. The reasons are swimming with complexities too intricate to ever explain. Or maybe I’m just too lazy. But perhaps we should start an entertaining imaginary rivalry of some sort just to drum up more press.

I guess it wouldn’t really ring true, since our goals are very different and we happen to like and respect one another. I like silver better than gold anyway. It looks better in my ear. And it’s difficult for anyone else to be amused by an imaginary rivalry, since it is imaginary and all.

At least you know the thought is there.

Thanks to whoever voted for me. Who are all you people who like my music, and where did you come from all of the sudden? It’s nuts.

Though the holidays can be detrimental to recording time, I’ve found a few moments to chip away a little more at that album I once dreamed of finishing before the New Year. What soothing dreams they were. Right now I think we’re up to about forty minutes of recorded/mixed/CD-ready material, not counting some out-takes (which would nearly double the number of minutes if they were included), so that’s a little more than halfway there. Once it’s finished, I’ll post some of the songs that didn’t make the cut so you can point and laugh at them for being inferior.

I think we’re probably looking at another hour-plus album, with twelve or thirteen tracks. Evidently I’m taking a momentary break from being a “reluctant editor” and making CDs that are crammed with thirty songs, though anyone expecting CREATIVE NIGHTMARES part two will probably find themselves saying, “Hey…this isn’t CREATIVE NIGHTMARES part two at all! Off with your head!”

Never let it be said that I don’t make you a salmon salad sandwich when you ask me for spaghetti.