Day: December 28, 2009

You could own a box of me. Not all of me, but some of me. There ain’t a box big enough for all of me. Or is there?

I think I finally know where to get boxes I can use to make more JohnnyBoxes. They’re pretty nifty, these boxes. No, not those cardboard ones up there — the boxes I can use to make homemade box sets with. Whenever I end up playing a show I’ll make sure to have some available in case anyone wants them. It’ll be good for a laugh, if nothing else. How many concerts do you go to where you can take a fifteen-CD box set home with you for free if you like?

Or you’re welcome to say something here, and I’ll work on making you one right now if you want. I think the default JohnnyBox will probably just be a post-band, post-self-lacerating-Johnny affair, from about OH YOU THIS up to the present. But I can cater the contents to include older/stranger/more unhinged things if anyone wants that. Just keep in mind none of those Papa Ghostface or Guys with Dicks CDs have any proper album art or inserts to speak of, and none of my solo CDs did either up until OH YOU THIS. Hence the go-to box set starting with that album. You see how it is.

I think I might number the box sets by hand. You know, scrawl “JohnnyBox #3” on the top or something. It could be kind of neat to know which one you’ve got, and fun for me to keep track of how many of them I’ve put together. And I probably wouldn’t be able to resist writing a note of some sort explaining a bit about the CDs and slipping it inside.

It wouldn’t be a polished, glossy affair, but you’d get the personal touch. So maybe the name “JohnnyBox” is fitting. Didn’t Joni Mitchell write a song called “A Box of You” about me more than a decade before I was born? No?