iggy pop and nipple tassles. together. that’s right. you heard me.

today was adam peltier’s last show at CJAM.

i’ve known adam since high school, and he’s been an ardent (always wanted to use that word in a sentence somewhere) supporter of mine for quite some time. he and david foot were pretty much entirely responsible for MERRY FUCKIN’ CHRISTMAS becoming the bizarre underground sensation it did at walkerville (a decade ago!), and adam was playing my music on CJAM back when not so many people were interested in what i was doing. he’s been playing a lot of great music on his show fear of music for a good few years now, but the time has come for him to move on, so i thought i’d pay him a surprise visit during his last broadcast.

of course, the doors were locked. it didn’t occur to me that the university would be a veritable ghost town, what with everyone off for the holidays. luckily, josh kolm (who hosts trapper radio, another great music variety show) rescued me from a fate worse than expired barbecue sauce and let me in.

i didn’t plan to alter adam’s intended program with my presence, and i didn’t bring a stack of CDs with me like i did the last time i was on the show (almost a year ago to the day), but one thing led to your brother, and before long i’d shed my skin like a sunburned onion and we were chatting like long-haired guys do. i did at least bring an unreleased song with me that will probably be showing up on the next album, in case anyone was interested in a little taste of what’s on the way.

i always feel inarticulate on the radio when i’m talking about anything music-related, only to find that i sort of sound like make a bit of sense when i go back and listen to the show after the fact. like last time, we had fun, laughter ensued, and josh got in on it as well, interjecting at key moments from off-mic. i even threw in a sad vocal approximation of a violin on cue, and a spur-of-the-moment a cappella tune to sing adam off into the sunset. fun times, they were. you can listen to the whole show right here if you’re so inclined:

Fear of Music last show (12/29/09)

again, i’d like to thank adam for all the amazing support he’s given me and my noise over the years. he’s been a true friend in a sea of rubber duckies that sing rousing gospel harmonies at odd moments. wait, that isn’t a bad thing at all, is it? in any case, my heart will sag a little without his presence on the radio, but as celine dion so memorably sang, my heart will grow moss.

don’t you tell me that isn’t really what she sang. you know better than that.

while we’re on the subject of shirtless self-promotion, some CJAM peeps seem to be playing my stuff on their shows as they look back at 2009 while it starts to fade in the rear view mirror. it’s always surprising and flattering to make someone’s “best-of” list, regardless of what you’re considered the best of (“best 30-second song about sexually adventurous ducks”, anyone?).

the most surreal distinction by far is ending up on the CJAM year-end top 12 over here — three times. there’s IF I HAD A QUARTER, which is the last album of mine i expected to get as much airplay as it apparently did, and then there are two other albums in the top 12 that i played on as a “session musician”. i’m everywhere. i guess it’s been a pretty busy year.

thanks, as always, to everyone who’s played my music on the radio, in their home, in their car, in their bedroom, in their meth lab, or in their space suit.


  1. those damned ardentists
    and merry fukcin christmas to you too

    oh, and i’ve got a record or two of yours on my “best timeless albums for 2009” list
    hope you don’t mind

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