Armageddon to feel a lot like rice cakes.

Hold the phone…there be news. The word “new” is inside of that word! With an s on the end! So you know it must be good.

I dropped some hints about this once or twice, and even posted a video of a recording session at one point, but have mostly been keeping it hush-hush for a while now. Now the time has come to un-hush my hushed ways. So here goes.

My friend Travis and I have been recording an album together. Really, it’s his album (I record music by other person not myself? How say you happen?), but it’s been a heavily collaborative affair. We started on Halloween (seriously), and now we’re finished. In a few weeks it will be officially released, and everyone/anyone will be able to listen to it while swooning severely.

That ain’t hyperbole — I’m going to print up stickers that say “sure to induce severe swooning, or your swooning bone is broken”.

Travis wrote the songs, with the lone exception of a Woody Guthrie tune we transformed into something quite a bit different from the original. We both produced and arranged it. I recorded/mixed/etc’d it, and we played all the instruments ourselves between the two of us. It’s been a homegrown affair all the way, and now it’s just about time for it to leave the nest and venture out into the big ol’ world.

You can read some of my thoughts on the whole thing over HERE, while you can check out Travis’s site over here. There will be a CD release show at the Green Bean Cafe on February 19th, during Reading Week — but you don’t come here to read, do you? And there will probably be another show at Taloola sometime in March.

In keeping with the approach we took with the album, I think it’s just going to be the two of us, in all our bearded glory. That’s right. When two bearded men get together and make music, you better watch out. Beavers, lock up your otters.


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