the stock rises…or at least it’s off the floor now.

i have a designated room where cd cases (both with and without cds inside) go after they are assembled. it’s also where i store inserts and other various relevant things. i call it the stock room, though it’s really just a room with a bunch of random cds and things in it. i used to type letters to people in there on the old manual typewriter, until it got so crowded that i couldn’t even walk two feet without the risk of tripping over something and breaking about 34 cd cases with my fall. the table and desk that i use to store things on were long ago maxed out, and for a while now i’ve just been storing things on the floor, in boxes and in piles. now i’m running out of available floor to use. in other words, it was time to get a shelf of some sort.

this is what the room looked like a few days ago:

and this is what it looks like as of 3:00 p.m. today:

it’s very strange actually being able to walk around in there now, and having some amount of organization. but it’s nice. you know what else is nice? having a song pop up on the soundtrack of one of your dreams that you can’t resist recording for the album you’re working on, even though it has nothing much to do with anything else that will be on the cd. dream songs are fun, especially when they’re performed by the blue nile and accompanied by a very strange music video/short film.


  1. for a second there i thought maybe cleaning my room would turn me irish. oh well.

    good job with the cleaning, though. looks spiffy.

  2. thank ye. you know, the spontaneous irish accent is specific to rooms that have a framed picture of mingus somewhere within…we gotta get you some photographic mingus action to make the dream real.

  3. I love it! it looks like you got the cleaning bug the same time i did. as soon as I got over the flu I set to cleaning my room. got a shelf for my books set up and stuff too. my desk is all nice and my books aren’t spread all over the room now.

    hooray for cleaning and making spaces feel good to be in again!

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