A female domestic fowl is called a hen. Now go forth and spread the wisdom.

Dig the progression/evolution in montage.

This is my way of informing you through images that OH YOU THIS has officially been reissued. It looks significantly less cheesy than it did the first time around, and it now comes with a booklet containing some period-specific pictures and present day musings. I didn’t realize until it was too late that there are two typos in the booklet, but they’re merely errors of punctuation I failed to catch on my end (an extra period in one place and a comma where there doesn’t need to be one), so I don’t really mind too much. I don’t think it makes much sense to drop a bunch of copies in the big black box at Dr. Disc, because I still don’t think the CD is one of my sexier moments overall, but if anyone wants a copy let me know and I’ll gladly give you one.

In other news, that album I once planned on having finished before 2010 came along is getting ever-closer to the finish line. Three or four songs need some work and/or mixing, one song needs to be recorded, and then we might be done. I’d say you should expect to see it appear sometime in the next few weeks. I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and print the lyrics in booklet form once again, just so the words are there for whoever wants to read them. I first typed for whoever wants to read hen.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to read female chicken? I know it’s all I dream about at night.


  1. I don’t know what it is about chickens…they have some strange power over me. One minute, they’re serving as powerful (if nonsensical) metaphors in dreams. The next minute, they’re on TV. And the minute after that, they’re producing my next CD. Viva les chickens.

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