Shooby doobie dew.

I finally decided on a poster design that sums up who I am and what I’m about. Behold the glory.

For all intents and purposes the new album is done. I need to tweak a few mixes tonight/tomorrow, and then post-production fun and CD assembly begins. Hopefully I’ll be able to start spreading it around by the end of next week. You can read a bit about it over HERE, though I’ll probably be tweaking the album page a bit over the next little while.

Right now I have no idea what to put up there in the way of MP3s because the album is all over the place. I’ll figure something out. I might put up a few little videos on the album page in the days ahead, exploring some moments that were excised from certain songs, a few of the many things that didn’t make the cut, and how some songs evolved while recording to the point that they ended up almost unrecognizable from what they sounded like when I wrote them.

Listening party at my place next week? I’m kidding, of course. My listening room, while equipped with a pretty nice hi-fi system, could maybe accommodate five people. Maybe. And you don’t want to have a listening party with me. I take off my shirt and dance around when I get into the music. No one wants to see that happen. Or do they?

Edited to add: I didn’t watch the Grammys and haven’t done so for years, but I’ve just learned Lady Gaga won two of ’em. Whatever credibility and validity the award and the ceremony once had, I think we can consider it dead and buried now.


  1. Neil Young did win a grammy, but considering it was his first in 50 years, there still isn’t much credibility.

    Also, Lady Gaga now has as many grammys as Neil Young, Wilco, Nick Cave, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley combined. Nuff said…as the kids say.

  2. hahaha that poster image never fails to make me laugh. it’s like some weird comic strip… you should totally do photo comic strips more.

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