Oh, what an angry sun you are…and what pretty teeth you have.

Travis’s album is in the top ten on the CJAM charts for the second week in a row. As the kids who like to reverse the consonants at the beginning of words and then alter the spelling accordingly like to say, yell ha! Thanks to everyone at the station who’s been playing it.

My posters are finished, which means that soon my face will be giving people all around town unexpected nightmares and providing generally traumatic stimulus. Inserts for the new CD are also in the process of being made. Boys keep swinging. Dandelions keep singing.

Katie, who is kind of like the younger sister I always dreamed of when I used to live in Europe and drank a lot of bourbon while watching illegal snail races (that’s a story for another time), played her first show at Taloola on Saturday. I got it all on video, but for some reason I felt like I should create a special blog for the occasion instead of putting the footage up over here. If you want to check it out, you can do so over here. I especially like the Dark Dark Dark sing-along, “Life Goes On”, the song about plastic animals, and the improvised encore that references exploding underwear.

I still don’t know how she plays that accordion like she do. I think she has more than one brain. It’s the only way.

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