a new album hits the street, just in time for a hallmark holiday.

the new cd is now officially available at phog and dr. disc for whoever wants it. copies will soon be going out in the mail to lots of non-windsor-dwelling people.

the initial run had three typos in the booklet that i somehow missed until everything had been printed/assembled, and if you’re one of the three people to end up with a copy from that run, you should either destroy it while laughing maniacally, or keep it and sell it for a fortune on ebay when i get signed to a major record label at the behest of avril lavigne. i just couldn’t let the cd go out into the world knowing those typos were there. at first i thought, “well…’ethic instrument’ is kind of amusing, and ‘piece of mind’ is a common mistake that i somehow made unconsciously, so i can live with that.”

then i saw that i had somehow misspelled “bliss” as “bilss”. FUCKING BILSS. that could not stand. i know our eyes and brains tend to automatically correct that sort of thing, which is how i missed it in the first place. but once i finally saw it, bilss began to haunt me at night. fortunately, minuteman press came through once again and reprinted the booklets at blinding speed. they do great work for me, and it seems to get better each time. i think this is something like the 13th cd i’ve had them print the inserts for now, the third time we’ve done a bona fide booklet, and only the second time i’ve ever printed the lyrics with the cd. now that i’ve done it, i kind of like it.

you’ll notice that two tracks are missing the lyrics. that’s because i improvised the words to those songs and didn’t see fit to print them. technically there are other places where i would have neglected to print lyrics as well (most of the words to “skull jugglers” were improvised), but i thought it would have looked funny. i have a system, people, and it works for me. i don’t think it’s too hard to figure out what i’m singing anyway. i certainly push my voice up high enough in the mix these days, and i think i enunciate pretty well.

i still don’t know how i didn’t see the typos until it was too late…i read over the text countless times, and looked at a proof after that, and thought i’d seen it all. that seems to be the way it always goes, though. stupid typos, being sneaky and all. i have also been putting up the odd poster here and there, so be fearful of the possibility of seeing the horror that is me on a wall somewhere.

i had a radio interview with travis about his album and cd release show at the rock the other day (100.7 fm, or 95.1 in the chatham-kent area), with theresa. that’s a good name, iddnit? theresa. i like her. she’s fun. the interview will air on valentine’s day, at 8:00 pm. why do i find that hilarious? i think you can listen online over here, if you’re so inclined.

i have to say i quite like the way the new cd looks. there isn’t a single picture or piece of art anywhere on (or in) it — just text, text, and more text — but i like the font i chose, and the mixture of black/white/red, and how it all turned out. i guess i’ve gotten better at the layout side of things over the years. and really, i just like the way the lyrics look as white text on a black background, instead of the other way around. perhaps you will too. or perhaps this is all a dream, and none of us are real, and this blog doesn’t even really exist. now that would be a mindjob and a half, wouldn’t it?

anyway. it’ll be interesting to see what people make of the new cd in the weeks ahead. i think i’m pretty happy with it. i find it funny that the only swear word on the whole album appears not in the lyrics, but in a song title.

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