smile on your lovin’ neighbour.

happy family day, y’all (because you only need to spend one day out of 365 with family, right?), and happy belated valentine’s day. i think that picture above does a nice job of summing up v-day, and the love it inspires. for once, i was not bitter and foul-mouthed on that most hallmark-saturated of commercial holidays. be afraid.

in the next day or two, a bunch of cds should be going out in the mail to various people. i have been making copies and folding inserts as quickly as possible, so i have enough stock to last a little while. i have also been writing and typing quite a few notes and letters to accompany cds. writing several letters by hand back-to-back is a good way to get your dominant hand to look at you and say, “are you trying to piss me off? seriously. don’t people use computers for this shit now?” but i can’t help preferring the arcane mediums of old, like the handwritten/typewritten letter. i need to make some more copies of other cds to make sure there’s a good supply for the mackenzie hall show, too.

i ended up at phog a few nights ago, just for a moment, to eat some in-transit pizza and drink root beer. it was shortly after opening, so there wasn’t really anyone there yet, which is my kind of atmosphere. but the guys from michou were there, and a bit of their preliminary sound check led into a short conversation about sensitive ears. or mainly, how mine are ridiculously sensitive. mike and stefan suggested that i walk around with earplugs all the time, probably half-jokingly. i later thought of the perfect response, and something i wish i had thought to say at the time: life should be quieter. so all i need is a volume control for the universe, and i’ll be set. if you know of any good suppliers, let me know. i’m on the hunt.

a bird just chirped for two seconds in the dark. at 9:30 at night. what the hell is up with that?


    1. if i had been drinking something when i read that, lucas, i would have surely spat it all over the computer screen. “skeletor’s wet dream” seriously needs to be a song title or something. maybe a peppy instrumental tune.

    1. earplugs are pretty handy, i have to say…on new year’s eve i was reluctant to go out anywhere because of loud things, but i found to my amazement that with earplugs in, not only was the loudness made bearable, but i could still easily carry on conversations with people without having to yell. my earplugs are also a very vibrant shade of aqua (that’s a colour, right?), so they kind of stand out in a hilarious way that says, “look inside my ears! look how colourful!”

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