A grenade in the hand of the media man.

Travis is in the Windsor Star today, in two places at once. There’s an article over HERE, and a five-star review of the album over HERE. Good stuff. There are some kind words about me in there, too.

See? You CAN pay people to compliment you! It can be done!

But seriously, it’s good to see the album and Travis getting some positive attention. The CD release show is coming up tomorrow night. Should be fun. You should come and tell ’em Johnny sent you. Or maybe you should tell me that. Yes. You should come up to me on Friday and tell me I sent you. I think that would be amusing.

I might not be doing much singing at the show, thanks to this stupid throat thing that’s taking its sweet time going away. It seems to be some sort of low level cold or throat infection with no other symptoms aside from this raw, vaguely painful feeling that comes and goes in the throat. I was worried it might be a vocal-related thing (though I have no vocal training of any kind, I try to warm up and cool down my voice before and after singing…I’m a lot more careful than I used to be, and I kow I didn’t make my vocal cords too happy during all those years I was belting and screaming and generally abusing my voice), but none of the symptoms match. My vocal range is intact, the tone is there, there’s no hoarseness or difficulty hitting notes. Just this stupid throat infection-like feeling that would normally go away in a few days but is taking longer to dissipate this time, I guess because my throat doesn’t like me right now. Good timing, throat.

Though my vocal cords seem to be fine, this whole thing makes me a bit uneasy about doing much singing for fear of messing up my voice in the process (singing while sick is generally not the best of ideas). Hopefully this will resolve itself in time for me to do at least a bit of rehearsing before the Mackenzie Hall show. Speaking of which…check out their website’s current events section, scroll down about halfway, and look at who pops up. I’m not one to write about myself in the third person, but I kind of had to there, so I had some fun with it. I was going to include various quotes from things people have written about me before realizing I’m more qualified than anyone to write about myself. So there you go.

Looks like Travis and I will both be visiting CJAM at 6:00 today to chat with Stephen Hargreaves on the Windsor Scene program about both of our new albums. So if you’re hungry for our delicious banter, the food you’ve been craving is on the way. Or something.

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