Happy birthday #2, blogeroo.

I should have posted this a few days ago, but I’m close enough. This blog/site/thing is now two years old. Everybody dance now!

Since I began in February of 2008, much has changed. Back then I was scattered and overwhelmed with projected albums, piles of songs, and ideas, unsure of where to start or if/when I would ever get things back on track. Since then, I’ve produced five full-length albums of new material, a three-disc collection of out-takes and misfits covering a period of several years, I’ve produced/recorded an album of someone else’s songs (what?!), and there’s more on the way.

I’m still overwhelmed with projected albums and piles of songs and ideas — there’s more to sift through now than there was when I started — but I think I can say I’m back on track now.

In the beginning I got an average of five hundred hits a month. Now it’s between two and three thousand a month. Not gigantic numbers for some people with blogs, to be sure, but gigantic for me and how little I do to call attention to this thing aside from printing the URL on CD inserts.

Back then there wasn’t much to look at, aside from a lot of text that featured me essentially talking to myself. Now, not only do I talk to myself on the internet, but the words are broken up with various pictures that range from the relevant to the ridiculous, and the odd bit of video content pops up as well. It’s a much more visually interesting place now, I think.

In the beginning, I swore a lot and occasionally went off on long, winding tirades for no particular reason. Now…I still do both of those things.

Some things change. Others stay the same.

I started this whole thing as a half-assed attempt at motivating myself to get things moving again musically. It’s done that and a lot more. Starting this blog may be one of the best random decisions I’ve ever made. I can say whatever I want here, no matter how absurd, inflammatory, or self-indulgent it may be, and I can have an online representation of my music that reflects who I am and what I do in an honest way, that’s coming directly from me with no one else’s fingers poking into the pie crust. It ain’t a sexy, flashy, uber-expensive website, but that’s not what I’m about, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks to everyone who’s read my ramblings, left comments, sent me emails, or even just given their heads a shake and said, “That boy ain’t right.” Having a readership to interact with and get feedback from makes this whole thing a lot more fun than it would be otherwise.


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