Day: March 4, 2010

I am in the paper. You can fold me up and tuck me under your arm.

I am in the paper today, quite unexpectedly. Thanks to Dalson Chen for plugging the upcoming show. You can check out the real article at the bottom of this post if you’re so inclined. My brain was not at its most articulate while conducting the phone interview yesterday, and I forgot to express what may be the key point of this whole ordeal (that the show is supposed to be a thank-you gesture to all the people who have supported the music), but we can’t all be genii all the time, can we?

Dig how I just pluralized the word “genius” in an exciting, post-modern way.

For some reason I was expecting to be tucked away in a corner, because I didn’t think my show would be a big story, but I’m very upfront, at the top of the page I’m on, with the hard copy featuring a gigantic picture taken by Bree. It’s a good picture, too. Not that Bree takes pictures that aren’t good, but this is one of my favourites that she’s taken of me.

Thanks again to Dalson for the interest, and thanks to everyone at CJAM who’s been calling attention to the show as well. With this kind of promotion, I’m starting to think that more than six people might show up! Alright!

Also, I’m in The Argus, as seen above. I get around.