Wash it, and burn it, and give it a number.

These past few days I’m all about the random videos. I don’t know why. But here are two more.

This is a quick demonstration of the Washburn 5200, with my face mostly out of the frame.

This thing is LOUD for such a small-bodied guitar. I think it’s going to record really well, with little in the way of low end mud. And as I say in the video, while I tend to avoid playing with picks (the sound is too bright and thin for me, and I can do a lot more with my fingers), this guitar doesn’t seem to mind so much.

And this is some poorly-filmed dancing. Pardon my potty mouth and use of innuendo.

I have to be subtle with my footwork when a record is playing, because any sudden movements tend to cause skipping. Need to figure out something to put underneath the turntable that’s shock-absorbent without being ugly. I’ve been buying a lot of records over the past year or so, and I thought it might be time to start…you know…listening to them. So I’ve been doing a fair bit of that lately. I think I might even like Elliott Smith’s Either/Or more after hearing it on vinyl yesterday. There’s a warmth to the record the CD doesn’t quite seem to capture.

I keep finding surprises. First there was the pink Sunny Day Real Estate vinyl, which looks even cooler up close than it does on video. Then a 45 fell out of a Harry Nilsson album — a 45 that has nothing to do with the full-length album it was hiding inside of. The most recent discovery: not only has my vinyl copy of Exile on Main St. (which will probably always be my favourite Stones album) never been played — or, if it has been played, the needle didn’t touch it very many times — but there are a bunch of postcards inside in mint condition. A collector’s item, maybe?

I’m of two minds about this. Part of me says, “Hey…this could be worth a bit of money by the time I’m dead. Maybe I should put it back in the plastic cover and leave it on the shelf, admiring it but never playing it.” Another part of me says, “What good does it do me if it just sits there and I can never enjoy it? Maybe it’ll be worth a few hundred bucks in ten years. Big deal. Records should be listened to, not gawked at.”

Which part of me will win? The excitement!

All of this vinyl lovin’ has got me thinking again about how much fun it would be to try putting something of mine out on vinyl. What do you think? Should I do it with something new? Or is there a particular album of mine you’d like to be able to put on your turntable? At this point, I think anything I do would end up having to be a double-vinyl release, given the length of my albums. I think I might ask people on that Facebook thing what they think as well.

Speaking of my stuff, I’ve gone through more than two hundred copies of the new album in just over a month. That’s nuts. The boxes at Phog and Dr. Disc have just been refilled, because they were empty yet again.


  1. toys AND glasses in the first video! ooo!
    also, that sounds awesome.

    nice buttons in the second video, and what album was that?

    do you have elliott smith’s xo on vinyl?? I love that album. I wonder how much more I’d love it after hearing it in that format.

    I’m still waiting for your mail! 😦 oh, and your book is half done, sir.

    1. That was “There’s a Riot Goin’ on” by Sly & the Family Stone. That album’s got one of the most bizarre, scariest “making-of” stories of all time. Sex, drugs, dogs, crime, bomb scares…the list goes on. Also, your mail is in the mail. Hopefully it will get to you before the end of next week. I’m sorry for taking so long…I’ve been a little lax in the mailing department lately.

      I do have “XO” on vinyl. Haven’t listened to it in that format yet, but it sure looks pretty. And about the book, all I can say is, “EEEEEEEE!”

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