i’m gonna sit at a makeup table on a pile of dirt, just like the singer in quarterflash.

four random bits of news:


i am a movie trailer!

i like how the song josh chose to use for most of the trailer is kind of ridiculous (the song itself, not the choice), and yet it somehow feels like it works better than anything i might have thought of. i think it does exactly what a trailer or “teaser” is supposed to do—it teases you, gives you an idea of what’s coming, and leaves you wanting more. i’m sitting here, really excited and anxious to see the finished project, and i already know who johnny west is. at least i should know, since i am him and all. i’ll keep you posted on when/where you can see the finished film when it’s released, and all that salsa. it’s suggested that you view the trailer at 480p for the best quality, though i haven’t had problems with it getting jittery on either setting. i like the moment where jay says something and kind of pats me on the shoulder while i’m seated at the piano at mackenzie hall…i don’t even remember that happening. if a 90 second trailer can throw surprises at me (like, for instance, the fact that the camera doesn’t seem to want to destroy itself at the sight of me), imagine how cool the actual film will be. imagine! are you imagining? just don’t imagine me doing a striptease in a spiderman costume, and you should be fine.

for anyone who wants to be frightened, the number of albums i’ve released on cd since 1999 is not actually 29 (that’s just the number of “official solo albums”), but rather 63, if you count the guys with dicks and papa ghostface cds, along with a few other things, which are johnny west albums as much as anything else. the numbers grows even larger if you add some compilations and out-takes collections. most people still haven’t heard any of that stuff, which is probably why it doesn’t get mentioned much, but my evil reissue campaign will change all of that.


LOVE SONGS FOR NIHILISTS seems to have gotten a bit more airplay than i thought; in the new issue of WAMM magazine, it’s at #1 on the CJAM charts (tabulated according to stats covering the most recent four weeks leading up to press time), and even more surprising is the fact that it shows up on the march 2010 !earshot charts over here at #143. these aren’t the CJAM charts, but rather the charts that combine all national campus and community radio stations. and i only ever get airplay at one of them. that tells you something about the kind of support CJAM gives me. it kind of blows my mind. imagine what might happen if i sent cds to other campus radio stations too…alas, i’m not sure we could handle that kind of insanity.


i don’t think i’ve ever called any attention to it before, but there’s a page here where i like to gather the more interesting and ridiculous search engine terms that have somehow led people to this blog/website/breeding ground for unscrupulous pelvis shakin’. if you’re in the mood for a laugh (and more than a few “what the hell?” moments), feel free to hop on over to a page i like to call HOW SOME PEOPLE END UP HERE. newest additions are at the bottom, and though in the beginning i let some less interesting search engine terms sneak in (mostly recording equipment references), i now make sure that i bring you nothing but the best.


tomorrow i aim to get down to business and begin recording the next album, for realsies. it should be an adventure. or the beginning of one. this time i have no game plan at all and no idea of what you should expect to hear…i’m thinking maybe some more electric guitar-based stuff, but that could change in an instant. only thyme will tell.

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