Day: April 7, 2010

Doesn’t that bear look a little…too happy?

The CDs at Dr. Disc seem to be going faster than ever before. I’ve gone through at least two hundred-and-fifty copies of the new album now, and it’s still going. Usually by this point things will slow down, since most of the people around here who want the album seem to have it. Not so this time. I just refilled the box of CDs not much more than a week ago. It holds almost thirty, but it was almost empty again when I checked on it yesterday.

Instead of just filling it up with copies of the newest CD again, I thought I’d put copies of all five of the most recent albums in there. We’ll see how long those last. I just had to order some more CDs again, because stock is starting to get low.

I know I’ve made a few offhand comments about re-releasing old albums over the past little while, but I’m starting to give some serious thought to reissuing quite a bit of old stuff from the back catalogue, and not just so people will believe me when I say, “I’ve recorded more than sixty albums over the past eleven years! Goat cheese!”

It might be an idea to take some of the best albums from the Papa Ghostface and Guys with Dicks days (along with some older solo work and a few other things) and try to assemble some sort of box set. Right now my shortlist has twenty-five albums on it. And that’s only covering 1999-2002, after cutting several things out. Putting together album art/packaging for all of that would be a nightmare (not to mention expensive), but I’m not sure how much more I could shave it down. Maybe I’ll start slow, figure out the packaging one album at a time, and see how it goes.

It’s hitting me now that I missed my chance to post something completely ridiculous here for April Fools’ Day. This hurts me more than you know. I was going to just recycle what I said on Facebook, which was something like: “I’ve decided from now on I will charge money for my CDs, and I will only release an album once every two years or so. Each album will only have about ten songs on it, and all of them will sound more or less exactly the same. I will play live gigs on a weekly basis. I will stop being so weird and self-indulgent, and concentrate all of my energy toward prostituting what remains of my soul in an effort to experience the wonderful emptiness of fame and fortune.”

Of course, it was obvious right away it was an April Fools’ Day joke. I thought it was amusing, anyway. I ended up forgetting about saying anything here, and the next thing I knew it was April 2nd. At least you know the thought was there.