oh happy dog.

i now have two more overlooked paul mccartney albums to add as a postscript to my thoughts on the subject of overlooked mccartney, from a little over a week ago. wasn’t expecting that.

i have quite a few mccartney and wings albums, but had never heard ram before. i saw it at dr. disc recently and thought i might as well pick it up, just for something to do. jesus christ, it’s good. what a wonderfully weird little album. it’s immediately become one of my favourite things the man has done post-beatles. it’s that tasty. the critics crapped all over it at the time, but the critics can suck my czechoslovakian sausage. i was inspired to start digging through some other mccartney albums i haven’t heard in a long time, wondering what else might pop up, and tug of war is second on the list. i don’t think it’s as great as ram, and it’s a bit on the slick side (i prefer it when paul gets more ragged and organic), but it’s a far more interesting album than i thought it was the last time i listened to it, roughly 13 years ago. it’s all over the place, and there are some great songs there. i had no idea “wanderlust” was about paul’s marijuana bust from a few years earlier…i’ll never hear that song quite the same way again.

another interesting tidbit: ram marks the beginning, more or less, of the feud-through-song thing between john and paul, which culminated in john’s venomous “how do you sleep?”. here, paul takes a shot at his former musical partner in the first song, though he isn’t horribly nasty about it. the real shot comes in a picture on the back cover of one beetle fucking another. for anyone who still thinks paul is sappy and has no edge, i direct you to this harshly funny insect-driven metaphor.

elsewhere, i believe today is the last day to vote for CJAM’s jammy awards. though i don’t even remotely expect to win the “best local artist/band” award (i’m still kind of surprised i was even in the running last year), i’d like to thank anyone who may have voted for me, for whatever reason. i can’t even remember which shows i voted for anymore, but i’m sure they were good ones.

i have been mixing some things, and tomorrow i will be recording some things. the excitement! there’s nothing like committing to completing a gargantuan project on the internet to get things moving, i tell you.

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