Day: April 25, 2010

A pen exploded in your mouth; it’s written on your face.

In just over a week I managed to burn through all five seasons of The Wire. I feel like I just finished reading a gigantic book I didn’t want to end.

I didn’t feel the final season was quite as strong as the first four, but it was still better than just about anything else on television, and I think the ending was as perfect as anyone could ask for it to be in an open-ended “life goes on” kind of way. Not everyone got what they deserved, and not everyone got out alive, but it felt like things ended just as they should have.

I’m realizing most other TV shows are now going to seem pretty one-dimensional, shallow, and mediocre in comparison. You just don’t come across many shows — or films, or works of art in any medium — with that kind of scope, ambition, complexity, realistic character development, and attention to detail. I don’t say this very often, but in this case the hype was justified. I’m glad I waited until the whole thing was available on DVD, though, because I’m not sure I could have handled having to wait a week to see a new episode.

Headaches are still coming every day, but some days aren’t as bad as others. The ominous black box of Johnny West CDs survived the move to Dr. Disc’s new location and is now once again stocked up with copies of the last five albums. I Am Not a Seagull is almost finished, and there should be DVDs available before too long. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I’ll post my impressions when I do. Work also continues on THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE in fits and starts.

Here are bits of a few things that are hanging out on the mixer right now in various stages of completion, all (or most) of which will probably end up on the album somewhere. I threw in a piano idea at the end for no particular reason. I came up with it a week or so ago but had already forgotten about it when I found it on the little Flip camera today while cycling through videos in search of something I could delete to make more recording space.

And here’s a brief look at a few of the documented ideas that have built up just over the past two years or so, or rather the MiniDV tapes some of them live on. There are also quite a few ideas on the computer that got there via the little Flip camera, though it would be difficult to give you a quick look at those (for obvious reasons).