Day: May 6, 2010

Out on the floor, you were something…

I just got my hands on the footage Josh shot at Travis’s CD release show, and though some of what I remember being the best performances of the night weren’t filmed (I was really hoping to hear the version of “Wind Chimes Sing with Her” we did with me singing lead and Travis harmonizing, and the version of “Peculiar Love” with him singing instead of me, effectively swapping songs), this one was an interesting surprise.

At the time I wasn’t sure how successful it was. Felt like my voice wasn’t at its best, so I made a point of not singing as much backup as I normally would, and I wasn’t sure how much to go off on the piano. Hearing it now, it works a lot better than I thought it did, and I wish I’d thrown in more harmonies, because they sound better than I thought they did at the time too. Those are some pretty high notes without relying on falsetto to get there.

It’s not as climactic, layered, or mantric as the album version. That was going to be pretty impossible to duplicate. But for two guys playing live — one of them using a loop pedal he isn’t entirely comfortable with and the other playing a digital piano while wondering what makes Sammy run — I think it turned out pretty nice. Kind of wish I’d gone a little wilder on the keys, but hindsight is like a Welsh Corgi that enjoys licking your elbows just for something to do.

I was out of commission for several days thanks to ever-present sleep issues, but I’ve fixed that once again, for what must be about the nine hundredth time now. So, for the time being, I should return to my normal state of thuggery and occasional productiveness. You’ve been warned.