some writers are hacks who don’t produce enough phlegm.

i posted something here about a writer who effectively stole my own writing back in february while composing an article about someone else’s music, without giving me credit, and appropriated it to further his own means — calling him out without referring to him by name. i felt all fine and justified. then i realized it was pointless. i mean, i know he’s a douchebag with no credibility or journalistic integrity. he knows he’s a douchebag. and i think a fair amount of other people know he’s a douchebag as well. that should be enough. i bit my tongue at the time, when i should have blasted him and told him what i thought of him. blasting him now while trying to be tasteful about it serves no purpose. better just to ignore him altogether.

the picture up there, however, is too amusing to get rid of. so it gets to stay, and everybody wins.

in other news, i’ve been thinking it might be a worthwhile experiment to attempt to make some sort of music video at some point. not to submit to any contest, or to try to get on tv, or anything like that…but to try and do something interesting and different with the art form. i have a lot of images i’ve collected (mentally) that might lend themselves to film, if they’re even film-able. i’m tired of seeing videos of bands miming to their songs and lip-syncing while some lame undercooked subplot plays out in quick cuts. i’d like to do something for myself, and anyone else who might be interested in seeing it, purely for the sake of creating something different. i like the idea of a video that operates like a dream; images and ideas don’t necessarily have to be connected, nor do they need to tell a coherent or simple story. sometimes things that make perfect sense at the time make no sense at all when you pick them apart later. sometimes things that make no sense when you first see them start to take on an odd sort of logic the more you turn them over in your mind. sometimes the person who sings the song doesn’t need to be mouthing the words in every other frame, or even an integral part of the video at all.

i’m not saying i’m the person to film or direct such a thing. it would probably be best to hire someone who knows what they’re doing with a camera and editing equipment, and then work with them closely. choosing an appropriate song would be a challenge, to say nothing of coming up with a concept worth developing and putting it all together. still, i think it’s something worth doing at some point, even if it’s the only time i ever do it. even if it’s just for the experience of doing it. even if i do nothing more than post it here where only a dozen or so people will see it.

something i’ve been thinking about a bit, anyway.


  1. The music video idea is great, but I also think you should reconsider shooting it yourself! I’ve loved all the videos you’ve posted that you’ve done yourself, and I think you’ve got the knack for producing a music video.

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