I’m noodly too.

The Les Paul I’ve been neglecting a bit lately has lived in an EBEABE (hey, it’s DADGAD up a step) tuning for most of the past eight years, but today I was messing around with effects, tuned one string a bit differently, and this came out.

It’s fun warping the video to make it a bit more interesting when it’s grainy and doesn’t look too arousing in the first place. And it isn’t just guitar noodling that happens around here, either.

So there are two random noodly things for no reason at all. I kind of like the guitar idea and might take a stab at developing it into an actual song at some point.

Getting away from noodles, as tasty as they are when the sauce is properly prepared…in a short period of time, I’ve gone from working on one thing specifically to casting my net over a lot of different things. Initially the plan was to concentrate on getting THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE to the finish line. This is still the plan, but now it’s joined by more plans. There are new songs being written and recorded that won’t fit on ANGLE, so they need to become a new album of their own. Working on two albums at once is no big deal. I’ve done it before. But then I started messing around with the program I use to print CDs and design inserts, and I found myself coming up with all kinds of ideas for old albums that were never given any kind of proper packaging.

I’ve been wanting to “reissue” some of this stuff for a while now but assumed it would be a nightmare to try and figure out cover art for CDs with titles like SCREAMING NIPPLES and SCOTCH TAPE SEX POT. And, to be sure, I haven’t been able to come up with anything for those two particular titles. But once I got going, I found myself coming up with ideas for a lot of other things. I came across old pictures and drawings that felt oddly appropriate. Or in some cases I just chose a colour and threw text on top of it. I was never going to come up with cover art for SUBLIMINAL BILE anyway. What makes sense there? A picture of me working at a telemarketing office, rolling a joint, staring quizzically at a few women while they prepare to devour me with wolf-like teeth? An image along those lines would capture a bit of what was going on at the time and what was informing the songs, but it would hardly be practical trying to put such an ambitious photo shoot together now for a little-heard album I recorded almost nine years ago.

Likewise with my idea for HORSEMOUTH (AND OTHER BEDTIME STORIES). I always thought it would be fun to have a picture of me reading a bedtime story to Gord on the cover. I would be standing there with a hardcover book, the title of the album visible on the cover, while smiling in a tender-yet-malevolent way, and Gord would have the covers pulled up to his chin, looking like a terrified child. I guess this could still be done, since Gord and I are still friends and see each other on occasion, but I think it would have been more amusing if it had been done ten years ago when we had less hair and slightly younger-looking faces.

In spite of these and other inconveniences, there are now at least a dozen albums from the back catalogue that have the cover art and inserts they never got the first time around, all of which will be ready to go after I make sure there are no typos. Putting together packaging for forty-something albums would be insane, so I’m prioritizing and starting out with the albums I’m most fond of and the ones I think are the most “important”, interesting, and obscure (in the sense that the music has only ever been heard by handful people). I have no idea who, if anyone, would be interested in any of this stuff. Some of it makes what I’m doing now sound like shiny pop music, and not all of the CDs have great sound quality.

But while some things might benefit from an attempt at remastering (and remixing, where possible), I’m not really into the whole revisionist approach. I think most of the albums are best left as they are, as a document of whatever time and place they were birthed in. Now they’ll just look like proper albums. I don’t think it would make a whole lot of sense to widely circulate these CDs at Dr. Disc or Phog, so maybe I’ll toss out a few here and there, make a box set or two for the people who are really interested, and leave it at that. Mostly I’m just doing this for myself, for fun.

This first batch of a dozen or so different albums should be ready sometime in the next few weeks. If anyone is interested in hearing some of the weird and occasionally very angry and ugly music I was making before anyone started paying attention, let me know and I’ll get you some CDs when they’re ready.

Oh yeah…there’s also the live CD/DVD idea. I think that thing is going on the back burner right now. I’ll get back to it eventually, but there are more pressing hands that matter. I mean more pressing matters at hand. You know what I mean.

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