Day: July 1, 2010

Stick a sausage in the tenderloin.

I like Myron Mixon. He barbecues stuff that looks tasty, and there’s something funny about hearing a low-key-seeming guy with a Southern accent saying, “Now, to stick a sausage in the tenderloin, you need to get a hole started.”


Oh, hey…half the year is officially over now. We’re standing on the dividing line. So I thought I might start doing something a little different and make a video progress report at the end of each month. The idea is to do this every month, regardless of what I’m working on, so anyone who’s interested can get a somewhat more tangible idea of where things are at. This is not intended to replace my normal rambling about whatever I’m working on. It’s more of a supplementary thing. It should help to keep me motivated, and it’s just fun to make silly videos and hone my half-assed editing chops.

Here’s monthly progress report #1.

There should be another one at the end of July, though it may not appear until the first few days of August. Expect more profanity, more snippets of music, and maybe a choreographed dance or two.