Stick a sausage in the tenderloin.

I like Myron Mixon. He barbecues stuff that looks tasty, and there’s something funny about hearing a low-key-seeming guy with a Southern accent saying, “Now, to stick a sausage in the tenderloin, you need to get a hole started.”


Oh, hey…half the year is officially over now. We’re standing on the dividing line. So I thought I might start doing something a little different and make a video progress report at the end of each month. The idea is to do this every month, regardless of what I’m working on, so anyone who’s interested can get a somewhat more tangible idea of where things are at. This is not intended to replace my normal rambling about whatever I’m working on. It’s more of a supplementary thing. It should help to keep me motivated, and it’s just fun to make silly videos and hone my half-assed editing chops.

Here’s monthly progress report #1.

There should be another one at the end of July, though it may not appear until the first few days of August. Expect more profanity, more snippets of music, and maybe a choreographed dance or two.


  1. Fuzzy duck! awwww.

    Wow, Angle is going to be a doozy… should be awesome.

    As always, I enjoy the video updates. I think this recap progress video idea is a good one. The musical snippets throughout this whole video were very intriguing. My interest is aroused!

  2. Hey, I saw one of your CDs at Value Village. Also, they charge a flat rate of $3 for every CD they sell. It’s mostly sucky because I bought 4.

    I already own the one they were selling of yours.

    1. Are you joking, Danny? I hope so. If not, I’m going in there and threatening to sue someone. No one is supposed to be making any money off of my music, and no one has my permission to sell my CDs anywhere.

      1. Well, I went to all three Value Village locations in the area and didn’t find a single Johnny West CD. Was this just a joke, or do I need to start putting stickers on CDs that say, “This music is not for sale, and anyone caught distributing it for profit will be shot on site”?

      2. It wasn’t a joke, it was available here:,-82.943797&sspn=0.001478,0.003484&split=1&rq=1&ev=zi&radius=0.11&hq=value+village&hnear=&ll=42.312017,-82.943256&spn=0,0.003484&z=19&layer=c&cbll=42.311985,-82.943414&panoid=MGv5rrv0yPZ7Ut-0bf800A&cbp=12,190.98,,0,3.13
        (Probably would have been easier to link the address)

        The album in question was ‘An Absence of Sway’ and when I picked it up, I remember putting it on the second row from top, lying across the other CDs rather than lined up among them. Maybe it brought further attention to it so someone actually paid for it, or it could have just been reorganized in a way that wasn’t easy for you to find in under 5 hours.

        There was also a The Cranberries – No Need to Argue case right near it, but instead it had the Tea Party disc. If you find that, then you have proof that I was there.

        I’m sure you could shoplift it back, or stuff the disc into another case if you want to see what it’s like to be a pirate of free merchandise. Seeing as how you created it, it’s almost like a rescue mission.

  3. Confused, I started folding laundry, making coffee and pacing around a room confused as to where I was. Then I remembered what I was going to ask the internet. When does the re-release initiative begin, and what days/months/years will the new stuff be put into the Johnny West black box at Dr. Disc?

    1. New stuff is in the black box at Dr. Disc at this very moment…I just had to refill the box with copies of the new album on the weekend, because they went absurdly fast. Hopefully these ones will last a little longer. As for re-releases of old stuff, I should have all the things I really wanted to get done together by the end of this week. I don’t imagine many people will be interested in those CDs (some of them are very raw and out-there), but I’d be happy to put together a homemade box set of ’em for you.

      1. I would be fricken’ honoured to own a homemade box set! I’m interested in listening chronologically to the beginnings to present.

  4. Tim — normally I would say, “Email me your address and I’ll pop it in the mail or stick it in your mailbox,” but there’s just no way this would fit in your mailbox, or mine, or even Justin Timberlake’s. I’ll let you know when I’ve got something put together (probably by next week), and maybe you can let me know what the best way would be to get it to you.

    1. “the best way” is really a matter of, which best way:
      1.)We could arrange a mutually convenient Windsor crosswalk. Meet there at exactly 03:00hrs. I’ll be wearing a fedora with a bike helmet on top, a black hoodie with Zero on it, checkered shorts, brown shoes and a green hemp mailman/woman satchel. The code word will be “You have a red beard” I’ll forget why I was waiting there and likely say “You got a problem with that, buddy?” Then realize I was in error, apologize and respond “Broccoli oxford xenon, sacre est television.”
      2.)I live precious minutes via bike, from Dr. Disc. Whatever time would be convenient for you?
      3.)You could stop by for a coffee/tea/beer.
      4.)I could stop by for some water.

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