Day: July 31, 2010

Who’s gonna shave my hellhound crooked heart?

Is it just me, or have Frosted Mini-Wheats been getting progressively smaller over time? Maybe it’s just a perception thing, with the cereal seeming smaller as I grow larger, but I distinctly remember the individual pieces being much bigger when I was younger.

The new album is now available at Dr. Disc and Phog for anyone who wants it. I may, however, be a little slower than usual with getting CDs out to people in the mail. A double CD means twice the workload, and on top of that, my CD design this time eats up ink like someone who does unpleasant things to the matriarch of the family. As such, there will be a limited amount of copies to go around until I get more ink cartridges next week. But at least I’ve got enough for a good start.

This is my thirtieth official solo CD. Fitting, then, that it should be a larger-than-usual musical statement. The packaging side of things turned out better than I was expecting, and I think it might be one of the best-looking things I’ve ever done. The booklets came out really nice. It’s sometimes hard to predict how well your designs will work in a CD case when you’re looking at them in pieces on a computer screen, but I have to say I’m really happy with the end result.

The lyrics are in the booklet once again, though some songs are absent, and intentionally so — they’re either instrumental, the words were improvised, or there are so few actual words it didn’t make sense to me to print them.

Two things I vowed I would never do are now threatening to become repeat offenders — including the lyrics with the albums, and putting my face on the cover. Funny how things change.