All of these albums have now been repackaged with new cover art (and most of them never had any proper cover art in the first place).

While SINGIN’ THE OESOPHAGUS TO SLEEP ended up with a grey background at the last minute (which I think looks a lot nicer), most of the covers are as you see. There are still more albums I want to repackage, but none of them are priorities right now. Pretty much all the CDs I really wanted to give the proper treatment, and the ones I felt were most important, are now taken care of. I’ll get around to the other ones eventually. There’s no rush.

The scary thing is that all of this music was recorded between 1999 and 2002…and the other things I haven’t got around to repackaging yet come from the same period of time.

People think I’m prolific now. Things used to be much more ridiculous.

Like I said before, anyone who’s interested in this stuff should feel free to get in touch. For those I already know are interested, I should have the boxes I need to put together homemade box sets for y’all by early next week.


  1. Ebay had ruined my day, then I read this post and today has become officially unruined. Sunny days ahead, awaiting patiently, next weeks arrival.

    1. I don’t know how sunny it’ll be when you’re listening to me scream about boobies and drugs (there’s some raw, angry music in there), but I guess you never know…and I’ve been burned by eBay too. I just stay away now, as tempting as it is sometimes when something interesting shows up there.

      What would be the best way to get one of these boxes to you next week? Should I leave one at Dr. Disc and say, “Give this to Tim?”

      1. It’s by far the most efficient plan I’ve herd all day. Pretty sure Liam knows me by name and so it should defiantly work without flaw.

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