i’m stuck in this bed.

i was listening to CJAM just now, as you do, and i heard jan on i wear white jeans mentioning he was going to play something off of my new album. i wondered what song he might pick, and this is what he said: “kind of wish i’d cued up the track ‘ass dildos’…but instead we’re going to hear ‘everyone you love is dead’.” i pretty much lost my shit, laughing. something about hearing someone say “ass dildos” on the radio cracks me up.

also, i had forgotten what a cool music video this is. i remember seeing it a few times on tv when it first came out, back in 1998. so i would have been 14 years old, in grade 9. i remember thinking “that sounds like thom yorke” (turned out i was right). i also remember feeling a little unsettled, and like it kind of went over my head. i caught it again on tv a few nights back, for probably the first time since then, and 12 years later i’m still not sure i entirely understand what the message is behind it, but i “feel” it in a way i couldn’t back then. i think it’s kind of sad that advancements in technology have supposedly given so many new tools to us, and yet, by and large, the music videos we’re making today are pathetic drivel. if aliens one day visited earth and their first exposure to us was to see a modern music video, i think they would probably just vaporize us all on sight. there’s so much that can be done with the art form and, sadly, very few doing anything with it that’s worth half a shit.

but hey, this video is cool.


  1. I’ve always loved that song and video. Fantastic. Radiohead (and radiohead related bands) always make great videos.

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