If one more hair curler falls in my coffee, I swear I’m calling the feds.

My song “Ass Dildos” was played on the radio. For real. I’m not sure there’s anything else I can accomplish in life that can top that. I mean, what else is there, really? I think I’ve peaked.

Elsewhere, my CD printer decided to break. Whatever mechanism controls the device that allows the physical printing process to happen decided to stop working, thus rendering the printer useless. Great timing. I also discovered the Dymo DiscPainter has been discontinued, making it difficult to find a replacement. I’m sure there are better printers out there to be bought, but I’m used to this one. It doesn’t cost three grand, and it works well for me. I don’t have the time to search around for something else comparable, and the small footprint is difficult to beat.

It looks like a few places still have leftover stock. Hopefully I’ll be able to expedite the shipping and get a new one over here before the end of the week. Otherwise there won’t be many CDs to go around for a little while. I’m glad I printed as many CDs as I did while I still could, but I would have done a lot more if I’d known the thing was going to crap out on me. At least I can still make copies of whatever I need to in the meantime. I just can’t print anything on them.

What else is new? I need to get to work on that end-of-the-month progress report. Also, I need to proofread epic emails I send at 3:00 in the morning. So many typos. So many tears.

You know what else? The new album is still in the top ten on the CJAM charts. This week it’s at #4.

You know what that is? Nuts. Nuts is what it is.

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