Back in business.

MY HELLHOUND CROOKED HEART has been in the top ten on CJAM’s charts for three weeks in a row now. The Arcade Fire and my friend Ron Leary keep holding me back from the top spot (it’s a conspiracy, obviously), but still. That’s pretty crazy. I guess albums that are two CDs and more than two hours long aren’t as alienating as I thought they were in this day and age. To that end, by the end of today the boxes at Dr. Disc and Phog should finally be full again. Apologies to anyone who might have gone to either place over the past week or so to grab an album only to leave empty-handed. My CD printer chose a bad time to die.

Speaking of which…its replacement arrived yesterday. It looks exactly like the old one, except shinier and less prone to being a non-working piece of crap. Rejoice!

To the dude named Tim — I don’t know how to get in touch with you (I don’t know your email address or anything), but I have a box set ready for you. Sorry it took me a bit longer than expected. I can drop it off at Dr. Disc later today when I drop off the other CDs and leave it there for you if you want. And if you want to email me your email address, I can give you a bit of background info about the CDs, because there’s a whole lot there and it might be somewhat interesting to know a bit about what was going on in and around the making of different albums. Maybe.

I’m assuming you have all the post-CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN CDs. I also threw in some other things  from 2004-2006 that already had proper cover art/packaging and weren’t a part of the “reissue campaign” but haven’t been in circulation for a while.

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