Day: September 6, 2010

You can give a monkey a name. Seriously!

It’s time to get interactive.

This past weekend we saved a monkey from certain death. Or I should say Johnny Smith saved him. We were driving down the highway when we spotted something that looked like roadkill, but…different. There were no innards hanging out. It looked like a large brown cat sitting in the middle of the road, somehow intact. The Smithster realized it was a monkey, pulled a U-turn, and executed a daring rescue mission that was like something out of a quirky Canadian film directed by Don McKellar’s cousin.

Needless to say, there’s been yet another new addition to the family of stuffed animals (a week or so before this one, there was an unexpected new addition thanks to Chad, which will be revealed in the next progress report video). Usually I’m pretty good at coming up with a name that feels appropriate in a timely manner. I really have no idea what to call this dude. I’m stumped.

So here’s your chance to give him a name. I’m asking for your help. He’s asking for your help. Even Fuzzy Duck is asking for your help. You can make a difference in a monkey’s life.