You can give a monkey a name. Seriously!

It’s time to get interactive.

This past weekend we saved a monkey from certain death. Or I should say Johnny Smith saved him. We were driving down the highway when we spotted something that looked like roadkill, but…different. There were no innards hanging out. It looked like a large brown cat sitting in the middle of the road, somehow intact. The Smithster realized it was a monkey, pulled a U-turn, and executed a daring rescue mission that was like something out of a quirky Canadian film directed by Don McKellar’s cousin.

Needless to say, there’s been yet another new addition to the family of stuffed animals (a week or so before this one, there was an unexpected new addition thanks to Chad, which will be revealed in the next progress report video). Usually I’m pretty good at coming up with a name that feels appropriate in a timely manner. I really have no idea what to call this dude. I’m stumped.

So here’s your chance to give him a name. I’m asking for your help. He’s asking for your help. Even Fuzzy Duck is asking for your help. You can make a difference in a monkey’s life.


  1. He’s using a false American/Irish, Scottish accent. I’m sure he claims he’s part of the IRA now. The head injury is a ruse, he claimed himself of Russian decent when I met him. He called himself Сирл, aka Cyril. Next he’ll be from the Netherlands and part of RARA.

    1. Holy crap. Are you sure it’s the same monkey? Would he go to the length of faking an accident and risk getting crushed by cars in the middle of the road, hoping someone would take it upon themselves to save him? I guess I’ll have to sleep with one eye open from now on and keep my other eye on what’s going on in the bathroom.

      Also, I have that box set ready for you. Sorry it took so long to get it together.Ii can drop it off at Dr. Disc tomorrow if you like. I wanted to send you an email to go with it and offer a bit of backstory/musings on some of the albums, but I don’t know your email address.

      1. I’ve seen him make a stick of dynamite out of a bar of bath soap and a pair of pantyhose. If that monkey is missing his left index finger I assure you it is Сирл. If not, it has to be his identical brother; a higher up in the Russian military, ex-КГБ. His name however was never revealed to me.

        I saw the posts about the printer and assumed it would be a while. I’ve been waiting, bated breath, for the day it would be complete. Album history via e-mail, hell yes! dot72761983 at hotmail . com. Today is a good day!

  2. Hmm…Arsenio…Poindexter…Mr. Wonderstudmuffin…so many possibilities…

    Tim — your box is waiting at Dr. Disc. Liam told me he’d give it to you when he sees you. Ridiculously long email forthcoming.

    1. I knew I should have adventured into Dr. Disc yesterday. However this does give me the opportunity to say “I missed him again!”. Today is now the good day, as opposed to yesterday which should have been, but slept in until 5am.

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