happy thanksgiving to me.

before the end of the month, bryan ferry has a new album coming out, on which several roxy music members appear…

that documentary about harry nilsson is finally being released on dvd, now that the music rights-related issues have all been taken care of…

and, most surprising and boner-iffic of all, two unhinged live performances by john cale from the early 1980s — when he was arguably at his most musically confrontational and uninhibited (yeah, cocaine addiction will do that) — are being released on cd, dvd and vinyl LP.


i’m also starting to get the hang of the new video editing program, and i even managed to finally figure out how to edit the volume of individual clips, and how to create fades, and all the fun stuff that used to be a little simpler to execute before. i miss a few of the weird effects windows movie maker provided, but i think i was starting to rely less on those to spice up my videos as i got a bit more confident with the editing anyway. and any initial difficulty i had with figuring things out is a happy trade-off for no longer having to worry about the program crashing 30 times while trying to finalize / render a video. i think my monthly profanity stats have already dropped at least 3% since i’ve no longer had to deal with that frustration.

so the next end-of-the-month progress report video may come out looking a little bit more polished. but only a little bit. hey, as pete townsend said, “sometimes a little is enough.”

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