Breadsticks and wooden guns.

Not a whole lot to report over here. The vampire sleep schedule made me pretty useless for a while, but now I have returned to the land of the living. I did find the digital still camera I almost forgot I had — I haven’t used it in a year or two now. There are about two hundred pictures on it, some of which I’d forgotten all about.

Here are a few of my favourites from the stuff that was unearthed. Yeah, I took a lot of pictures of myself. I have no idea why.

There’s also a video function on this camera. The quality is pretty terrible, but about two years ago I used it a handful of time to get down some ideas. A few things ended up on various albums, a few still need to be recorded, and a few I forgot ever existed. Here they are in one place, mostly without any visual representation because I tended to record them late at night with the camera face-down.

The next progress report video will be along soon, closer to the end of October. I think it’s the best one yet (it’s definitely the longest so far), and I seem to have convinced the new video editing program to do my bidding. Paint be praised.


  1. That little camera actually sounds alright. It has a cool low-fi feel to it, almost like an old leadbelly album. I always thought it would be cool to record an album in quality very similar to that.

    1. Love Leadbelly – one of my favourite bluesmen.

      I agree the sound is pretty good and personally it reminds me of some of the last mono albums from the 60’s. The instruments come across with plenty of “depth”, “warmth” – like analogue.

  2. damn you are a sexy beast. are you trying to give your readers heart attacks?!

    I enjoy the ukulele doodle– I hope all of these eventually get completed and put on some kinda album… I’m thinking “3am makeout sessions with a still camera”!

    1. If by “sexy beast” you mean “slightly malnourished grizzly bear”, I can definitely see the resemblance. Also, I think that’s a great potential album title right there! And I like that peppy ukulele bit too. I can hear drums and stuff going on in there. I’ll have to take a crack at fleshing it out into a proper song.

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