C’est l’Halloween.

Happy Hollow Wiener. What am I dressing up as this year? Myself. I’ve neglected to trim my face bush for a while now and I think I’m looking suitably frightening. Don’t come ’round here expecting to get candy, though. I’m saving it all for myself.

Some long-overdue recording/in-studio video action coming soon, probably.


  1. I love The Bonzo Dog Band. I don’t really like Craig Ferguson, but he’s got an alright taste in music. I’ve seen him do a few things with They Might Be Giants tunes that I didn’t turn off as well!

    1. I always meant to get more into the Bonzos, but wasn’t sure where to start, short of tracking down the “Cornology” compilation. What do you think would be a good starting point?

      1. I’m quite fond of Gorilla, which contains the very track displayed in your video. However, ‘I’m the Urban Spaceman’, produced in part by Paul McCartney and becoming their greatest success, is located on their Tadpoles album. Really you probably couldn’t go very wrong if you started anywhere.

        As a general rule of thumb with any artist, I try to avoid compilations, as singles are not often (with exceptions, of course) the best pieces they offer. A somewhat ironic closing statement after the way I went about suggesting an album.

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