liveR than i was last week.

i am playing a few live shows. obviously, you are excited. don’t expect to hear me play my own stuff, though…that isn’t going to happen again anytime soon. i haven’t really had an itch to play live at all in any capacity, but when i’m not the one in the spotlight there’s a bit less pressure involved, and it’s fun playing with travis.

the taloola show is tomorrow night, and the green bean show is on december 17th…the poster says it’s on the 3rd, but that has since been changed. more time to prepare our secret, soul-stirring nickelback covers, you see. oh shit. it’s not a secret anymore. i threw it all away.

the next video progress report should still be along before the month is gone…i’ve just been getting sidetracked with recording an awful lot of stuff. been playing a lot of electric guitar as well, which is a somewhat unexpected development. i mean, i like playing electric guitar and all, but for a while it was looking like the next album was going to be dominated by piano and acoustic guitar. now…not so much. there’s some pretty dirty, dissonant guitar work happening in some of the songs. i dig it. we’re a long way from the guys with dicks days of old, and obviously the sound/production quality has taken several gigantic leaps forward in the intervening years, but i can’t help feeling there’s a glimmer of that gwd intensity in a few of these jagged guitar parts.

also, for a time i was fairly sure the next album would be a neater, narrower affair, with maybe only 10 or 12 songs. that’s not happening either. we’re probably looking at another album that’s around 25 songs long and refuses to stay in one place. probably should have seen that one coming. realistically, it could pretty easily turn into another double-cd, but i’m not sure i have the patience for that, and it might be a bit absurd to follow up one 2-cd set with another only a few months later. not that the threat of absurdity has ever stopped me before. at the very least, it’ll be a fairly packed single cd statement.

and didja catch the obscure rolling stones reference in the title of this post? didja?

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