Well, you’re born with nothing, and better off that way; soon as you got something, they send someone to try and take it away.

It’s end-of-the-month progress report time.

I did something a little different with the re-contextualized public domain film content this time. Instead of an old B-movie, there are bits of two different things interspersed throughout. There’s Your Name Here, which is a pretty amusing parody of industrial films of the time, made fifty years ago (some people have wondered how they got it to look so old, only to find out it’s not something recent poking fun at the past, but rather something that looks old because it is old).

There’s also Gumbasia, which was sort of a short-form clay animation parody of disney’s Fantasia made by Art Clokey and the impetus that led to the first Gumby films. I liked what happened when I stripped away the somewhat cheesy original music and added some of my own (it made it a lot easier to concentrate on just what a neat piece of stop-motion animation it is, especially for something made in 1953), so you get a bit of a preview of something that’s going on the next album in the process. I didn’t expect the marriage of music and animation to work half as well as it does, but that’s part of the fun of the whole thing — you never really know what’s going to happen when you chop things up and take them out of context. Some things fit so well it’s almost as if they were meant to be rearranged this way, while others are pretty absurd.

The absurdity is also part of the fun.

Though there are no cameos from Fuzzy Duck or Nikolai this time, Elliott has a strangely serene and longer-than-usual tender moment to share. And I have lots of hair. What more can you ask for? I think we’ve established by this point that the video progress report lives comfortably somewhere in the twenty-to-thirty-minute range. That length feels just about right. I can dig in a bit and ramble about several different things without getting too long-winded.

Who knows if anyone else finds this stuff interesting (O realize it’s still mostly my face talking about stuff, even if it’s broken up more and edited better than it used to be), but I have fun doing it. I think when I get to the one-year mark I’m going to sit down and watch all twelve video progress reports back-to-back to get a feel for how much things have evolved and how much I’ve accomplished in that time. I’ll have a marathon of myself, with myself. How postmodern is that?

Maybe I’ll do something extra-special for December’s video, which will be showing up by default right around Christmas. The thought that we’re only a month away from Yuletide weirdness once again is kind of messed up. Time goes by way too fast.

Also, Elliott tells me he forgot to mention Tunnel of Love as another undervalued Springsteen album that’s up there with some of the best work the Boss has done. Sometimes, when he’s alone in the house, he breaks out a little guitar and recreates the music video for “Brilliant Disguise”. I haven’t seen it in the purple flesh, you understand, but I’ve heard people talk about it in hushed and reverential tones.

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