face the face.

this afternoon i was recording some banjo for a song i wrote unexpectedly late last night…sort of a dark gothic thing with a bit of religious imagery, which isn’t exactly the sort of thing i normally write. while i was playing the banjo, i kept looking at the crappy cheap classical guitar that often finds itself leaning against the fender rhodes, and did a mental double-take when i realized there was a face staring back at me. i’ve never seen something like this happen around here before. i’ve drawn things (and written dirty words) in dust, but this one is completely out of my hands. i’ve never dusted this thing at all. somehow, the dust itself just happened to form in a pattern that looks uncannily like a face. i don’t think i’m just seeing things. it’s difficult to get a picture with the right light to really let the dust stand out, but here are a few attempts.

now, i’m not running around thinking there’s anything cosmic behind this, like seeing the virgin mary’s face in a bag of pretzels or some such shit. that would be silly. i just think it’s pretty cool. how often do you see a really distinct, well-formed female face in the dust that’s settled on the body of your guitar? it even looks like she might be a fairly attractive woman, if she happened to exist in human form.

i was messing around with some of these pictures, warping them with effects, and i liked the way one of them turned out enough that i’m now rethinking what i want to do for the next album’s cover art.

originally i had settled on this:

but now i’m liking this quite a bit:

or, alternately, this:

i’m all for breaking with tradition and continuing to have my hairy mug show up on my album covers, but i’m kind of digging what happens to that guitar when it turns blue, even if the dust face gets buried a bit in the process. any feedback/opinions on what you think might make a better album cover are welcome.


  1. I like the the first blue guitar best. I like that it’s more closeup and the lady is more prominent. I also think it makes it look like she is blowing out a puff of smoke.

    Accidental art that is everything abstract artists aim for. It’s the type of picture I could make into a (framed) poster and hang on my wall. I’ll probably end up coming back to this picture few more times to see what else I can see in it.

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