Day: December 10, 2010

It’s like looking in a mirror with flash-fried eyes.

It’s Johnny Smith in the early 1970s!

Huge thanks to Sylvia for sending these pictures. If you took the second one and put it beside a picture of me from back when I didn’t have any facial hair, and I was making a similar facial expression, you would assume both pictures were of the same person. It’s kind of freaky. I’ve seen plenty of pictures before where the resemblance is pretty uncanny, but never anything quite like this. It’s like looking at a picture of myself…only, it’s not me. But I almost start to believe it is after a while. It’s almost like we’re related or something.

I tried using the “fade correction” function on the scanner with this one just to see what it would do, and the colours became a bit more vivid and sharper, but I’m not sure which I prefer.