Working on my bloodshot eye.

This video is kind of hilarious and sad at the same time because of how true it is. Thanks to Mark for posting it on Facebook. Reminds me why I haven’t bothered to send a CD to a record label in four or five years now, and why I’ll never waste my time or resources doing that again for the rest of my life.

Also, David Firth is a genius, and his take on the British music scene is pretty prescient.


  1. David Firth is awesome. I continuously go back to that vid when I want to laugh. Along with Don Hertzfeldt, he’s one of my favourite things about the internet.

    1. The first time I saw his Valentine’s Day and Christmas videos, I laughed so hard I almost fell over. That probably doesn’t reflect very well on me, given what happens in those little shorts, but I couldn’t help myself. He has a way of taking something horribly offensive or unsettling and pushing it so far it becomes hilarious in its insanity. I dig his darker stuff too, like “Salad Fingers” and “Spoilsbury Toast Boy”. If his full-length animated film ever comes to fruition, it should be pretty interesting.

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