Day: December 30, 2010

Yes-yes? What-what?

Never mind — I know what to do now. Funny how bewilderment can shift to an erection in the space of a few days.

Did I type “erection”? I meant to type…something else.

The name of the album and the cover art/layout has changed completely as well. I wasn’t expecting that to happen, and I had no ambition to make it happen. It just…happened.

While you’re here, you wanna see something funny? I was messing with the handy Internet Wayback Machine and thought I would type in the address of my old website just for kicks. Some images don’t quite load, or they take a very long time to appear, but it’s kind of surreal to step back in time a bit and peruse remnants of my old internet stomping ground.

The home page is HERE, the news page is HERE, the music page is HERE, and the “bio” section is over HERE. Dig the bitterness. That’s right — even back then I was a bitter bearded balladeer through-and-through.

I already have the intro finished for January’s video progress report a month in advance. It’s completely ridiculous — both the intro itself, and having it finished already. Who knew making those little progress reports would become one of my favourite blog-related things to do? Maybe you did, but I didn’t. You shouldn’t go around knowing things I don’t know, ‘specially when they pertain to me. Don’t show what you know! Stuff it in a box and make it scream.

(This is what happens when I write stuff here while sleep-deprived.)