I record while wearing bed clothes.

That’s right. Who says piano parts don’t sound better when you’re barefoot and wearing boxer pants?

This album just got a whole lot closer to being finished. I can smell it now. And it smells like…Clearly Canadian. Remember that stuff? I used to love drinking it when I was younger and less hairy. It’s still made, as far as I can tell. We just don’t seem to get it around here anymore. Pretty funny that something called Clearly Canadian is probably easier to come by in the States.

Anyway. All the songs I wanted to have in place have now been recorded. So the raw material is there. It’s going to be a tight squeeze, but I think I might have a sequence figured out that will fit onto one CD. Barely. That’s after throwing out fifteen of the tracks I’ve recorded, most of which will be held over for the next album, I think.

A lot of the songs are CD-ready. A few need some work. A few others just need to be mixed or massaged a bit. Then I get to wrestle some more with the sequencing and work on the packaging side of things. My goal is to be at Minuteman Press next friday with art files in hand, with everything finalized and ready to go.

We’ll see if that actually happens. I think it’s doable.

If the album were a commercial release and there had to be a single, it would probably be this song. It’s even got a guitar solo and a surprise jig at the end. If that doesn’t scream “obvious hit single”, what does?

Laugh like a God of Death


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