Day: January 7, 2011

The Guild, she is gone.

In the last video progress report, I talked a bit about a Guild guitar I had and how I ended up trading it in toward a 1951 Gibson LG-2. It was kind of surreal getting rid of a guitar in the first place, and then seeing it for sale on the website for the store where about 80% of the guitars I own have come from at this point. Not surreal in a bad way. It was kind of cool, really. Just not a feeling I’ve had before. I don’t tend to get rid of instruments, or anything music-related, ever.

Today I saw the guitar’s status on the Folkway site changed to “sold”, so someone bought the thing. I didn’t expect it would be gone so quick. I hope they have fun with it, whoever they are. I considered writing a little note and sticking it inside the case (something along the lines of, “This guitar served me well, but I have too many guitars to justify keeping it around, and I hope it serves you well too,”) but thought that might seem a bit strange to whoever ended up buying it.

I can’t say I’m sad to see that axe go. I have other guitars that do more or less the same thing it does with a little more personality, and for my ears and fingers the Gibson LG-2 blows it away on every level. Still, the parting is a little bittersweet. We did have some good times together, at least until Max decided to be an idiot and break a string on purpose. It threw the whole thing out of whack, and I never liked the guitar much again after that, even after a setup.

“Mismatched Socks” on CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN probably never would have been written without that guitar, and I like that song. There are several other things I wrote and recorded with the Guild, most of which will probably be showing up on THE ANGLE OF BEST DISTANCE whenever I get around to finishing that magnum grope-us.

Here’s one that’s always been a favourite of mine. It was the very first thing written on the Guild the day I took it home. It was also the first song I’d written with a proper chorus in a good four or five years. I made a solemn vow to end my life if I ever returned to the land of conventional song forms, but in this case the song really wanted to have a “refrain” and it didn’t feel right any other way.

Though it was written and recorded during the crack house duplex adventure of 2007, in some ways this was a significant step in the direction of CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN, and I seriously considered throwing it on the album right up until the very last minute, regardless of the fact that it was recorded more than a year before the rest of the songs, in a very different setting.

Row Ashore