No more the moon shines on the DiscPainter.

Well, when it rains bullshit, it doesn’t drizzle. Hot on the heels of my most important CD burner dying, my CD printer decided to kick the bucket too. The first one at least lasted a good two years. This one made it five months at most. Needless to say, I won’t be endorsing Dymo products again anytime soon. As much as I liked the DiscPainter, it now seems like it was defective by design and it’s a small miracle my first one lasted as long as it did.

Happily, things were back up and running sooner than expected. Thanks to persistence and some sock-based crotch padding, I didn’t really lose much time at all, and I’m now the owner of a Canon Pixma MG5220 printer/scanner/copier/all-in-one beast.

Though it was a bit of a pain setting the thing up and there were a few initial hiccups, before too long I was able to print CDs again. And man…this thing makes the DiscPainter look like a slug. It prints about five CDs in the time it took the DiscPainter to spit out one, and the quality is at least as good if not better. The only inconvenience I can think of is how bulky it is. That’s a small price to pay for having a printer that stands a good chance of lasting much longer than five months and is protected by a three-year warranty just in case something does stop working at some point.

With all the ridiculous post-production issues that have been cropping up at the last minute, it almost seems like someone really doesn’t want this CD to see the light of day. Nuts to that. It’ll be out there in the world by the weekend.

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