My baby, she wrote me a letter.

I sent a few CDs out in the mail today.

Most of them are going to different places in Canada and the US, along with a few more exotic locales like France. There’s still more to do, but it’s a start. Every one of those envelopes has a handwritten letter in it. That’s a lot of wrist action right there. As of tomorrow the new album will also be available at Phog.

I always find it funny how, while I’ve had some serious problems with most courier services at one point or another, Canada Post has never once failed to get my CDs where they’re supposed to go. For all the flack they get from some people, they’re the only ones who have never let me down when it comes to sending mail. Go figure.

Elsewhere, my friend Ron Leary has started a blog. Ron has been places and seen things most independent artists only dream about, and I know he’s got some good stories to share, so his blog is very much something worth keeping up with. It’s brand new but growing fast. You can check it out over HERE.

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