Day: January 23, 2011

A different kind of typo.

I really thought I’d managed to ferret out all the typos in the booklet for this CD. I know how to spell — you won’t find any misspelled words in any of the handwritten letters I’ve sent to people in the mail — but I type pretty fast (ninety words a minute on a slow day, faster than that most other days) and sometimes my fingers get a little ahead of my brain. It doesn’t matter how many times I proofread. Something always seems to sneak past me, and I don’t notice it until the album has been out there long enough for at least a handful of people to get typo-tarnished copies.

This stuff drives me nuts, even though it’s very small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. I once ran around town taking back every copy I’d circulated of LOVE SONGS FOR NIHILISTS because it made my skin crawl knowing people would see two or three words in the lyric booklet that didn’t quite look right.

This time I was even more diligent in my proofreading than usual. All seemed to be well in the world until today, when I noticed on the very last page of the booklet, where there’s a brief list of thanks, I accidentally spelled Jay’s last name wrong. I guess it’s better than “bliss” coming out as “bilss” in the lyrics, but still. Sorry about that, Jay. I’ll fix it as soon as I do the next run of booklets and inserts, which will probably be this week, because I’ve only got about twenty copies of the album left right now. These CDs go a hell of a lot faster than they used to.

More mail is going out on Monday as well.