Day: January 26, 2011

Noodles make the world go ’round.

Today I thought, “I should film myself recording something. I haven’t done that in a while. Better yet, I should film a song being recorded from the very beginning, to the very end when it’s being mixed, and capture the whole process.”

Then I thought, “Nah. Too much hassle. Having to repeatedly check and make sure the framing is okay takes me out of the music too much. I should just film some random noodling instead.”

So I did.

This is not anything that’s trying to be a song, or even anything close to my best playing. I just felt like messing around and improvising a little. Dig how a little bit of the piano line from Travis’s song “Beggars” worms its way in there for a second. Also, I need to remember to cut my fingernails/talons. You can hear ’em clicking away on the piano keys from time to time.

The cache of CDs at Phog is now healthy again. The ones I dropped off on Saturday went so fast it made my head spin.