Some people have a blowout…so does an automobile.

Once again, it’s end-of-the-month video progress report time. Check out how unruly my beard has become. Take that, scissors!

While not the most music-heavy progress report I’ve put together, this might be one of the best editing jobs I’ve done so far in terms of how the talking is broken up with the public domain film content. As usual, some segues make sense and others are intentionally ridiculous. I especially like the transition from the evil undead being set on fire to Betty Boop singing a happy song about the trials and tribulations of automobiles. Dig how the sound of the elevator in that cartoon is a man’s voice in “grumble” mode.

Also, Elliott tells me he really does like Radiohead, and the only album of theirs that doesn’t do it for him is Pablo Honey. He just isn’t a fan of the band’s current business model, he doesn’t feel MP3s are worth paying for in general, and being asked to pay twice for the exact same content rubs him the wrong way. He does enjoy the new album, though he wishes it wasn’t mastered so hot in order to fight as yet another soldier in the pointless ongoing Loudness War. At least it isn’t distorted all over the place or as fatiguing to listen to as some other recent albums, so that’s something to be thankful for.

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