Light sleeper.

So it turns out I’m a bit farther along than I thought I was with this follow-up album to MEDIUM-FI MUSIC… (which is at #9 on the CJAM charts this week). Maybe an April release isn’t such a stretch after all. Between the songs I didn’t finish in time for the last album and the stuff I’ve been working on lately, there are twenty-two songs that are already recorded, in various stages of completion, in addition to some out-takes and sketches that probably won’t make the cut. I need to record about four more songs, do some work on several of those that have been recorded, and there’s another album done.

I think it’s already starting to carve out its own personality. I was planning on kicking the album off with a track about writing a horrible love song and eventually dying through mind-boggling ineptitude, but the other day I recorded something that feels like one of the best songs I’ve written in a while and it became clear this one needed to be the opening track instead. And so it shall be.

I’m not sure what I’m going to call this next album. I’ve got a few ideas on the shortlist, most of which have been kicking around for at least a few years. There’s always a surplus of potential album titles hanging around. It’s just a matter of figuring out which one feels appropriate at a given time.

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