beware the man with wild hair and a paralyzed eye.

things have been a little slower than usual here on the blog over the past few weeks, mostly because my life became a lot busier and more complicated once march rolled around. here’s this month’s video progress report to help explain.

you get to see “sappy romantic johnny who has a girlfriend”, and then the return of “cynical single johnny”, all in the space of one video. now there’s a disparity you don’t witness very often.

a few things to note:

i’m pretty happy with the way the introductory little “music video” turned out. my face never really appears in the frame, but that was intentional. i wanted you to see what my hands were doing more than anything else. i think i did a bit better with the editing and filming this time, though i still think my first attempt turned out pretty decent.

the bit where the public domain film content cuts in with “she’s probably dead by now” is not meant to imply that i wish harm upon the girl i’m talking about. it’s simply a case of me warping the context of things, as usual, and has no real meaning at all.

the bulk of the public domain film content this time comes from the 1953 film the hitch-hiker, which is a pretty effective little thriller. it’s surprising how low-key and realistic it is for its time. the two men who are being held hostage by the psychotic killer are not macho heroes. they don’t make any daring escapes. they’re uneasy and try to play it smart, as most people probably would in a similar situation.

it’s not a masterpiece by any means, but there are far worse ways to kill an hour and ten minutes.

one thing i didn’t mention in the video — the box of CDs at dr. disc is pretty much empty again. i’ll fill it up again sometime this week. also, somehow MEDIUM-FI MUSIC… is back on the CJAM charts again. it’s madness, i tell you.


    1. candy for the ears, eh? i still haven’t figured out what to do with that song. i think it might end up on that gigantic years-in-the-making multiple-cd set of stuff. maybe i’ll finally finish it sometime this year. i can dream…

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