sing it out.

i think most people realized pretty quickly that my last post was completely tongue-in-cheek, but just to be clear — it was an april fool’s day joke. i have no plans to stop making music anytime soon, and i fully intend to have a new album to share in the next month or so. i just felt like doing something silly in recognition of a silly day.

the box of cds at dr. disc is healthy again. i threw in some copies of CREATIVE NIGHTMARES, which was technically “out of print” for a little while there. it’s a little light on copies of CHICKEN ANGEL WOMAN right now…have to get more of the inserts made up with the “reissued” booklets.

also, you know how i said i was thinking about taking the offer to play at the shores of erie wine festival? well, now it’s official. on sunday september 11, from 1:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon, there i will be. brace yourselves.

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